Historical re-enactments

One of the most celebrated episodes in medieval history is the famous pardon of Canossa: through the intermediation of Matilda of Canossa Pope Gregory VII pardoned Emperor Henry IV and they came to a compromise between the temporal power of the Empire and the spiritual one of the Papacy. The event took place on January 28, 1077 within the walls of the castle of Canossa and is now the subject of numerous historical re-enactments.
The most famous is the one held every year in the town of Canossa, the first Sunday of September. All of the local population participates to this exquisite, fascinating historical pageant that attracts visitors from all over Italy.
All people of Canossa, from various quarters, meet in this event, which portrays the famous episode of the pardon of Canossa, with Matilda of Canossa , played by a famous actress, with Pope Gregory VII surrounded by his cardinals, Emperor Henry IV, dressed in a simple habit, Abbot Hugh of Cluny and the faithful Arduino della Palude.
A huge and magnificent medieval procession livens up the event, including music, dance, skill and strength tests, flag flyers, duels and tournaments on horseback with all the people involved and dressed up as maids, courtiers, knights, lords, merchants , scholars, men of arms, fighters and peasants, all the characters come to pay homage to the Countess Matilda of Canossa, a symbol of peace and harmony between peoples.
Every year in late spring Quattro Castella also recalls another important episode in the history of Europe, which took place in Bianello between 6 and 10 May 1111. Henry V, son of Henry IV that thirty years before had obtained from Pope Gregory VII, through the intercession of Matilda, the famous pardon of Canossa, came to Bianello and crowned the Grand Countess vicequeen of Italy. The medieval procession in Quattro Castella is also majestic and involves over 600 walk-on actors. The streets of the town are invaded by thousands of tourists who are offered a week of sports events and cultural performances.